April 10, 2012

Review: mE Moda Maxi Dress

Peace be upon you all :)
Today's review is for the mE Moda Maxi Dress,
an ideal go-to dress, no matter the season!

We featured the black edition of this dress, for Day 4 of our last Hijabi Fashion Week; the theme was "destinations" or vacations. We brought this dress along for our imaginary vacation to the outskirts of Japan and paired it with a pale gold hijab, gold trim pashmina shawl, and kitten-heel boots.

You can find the rest of the pics from this, and the other themes during our last HFW, in our HFW Photoshoot album, on Facebook :)

So, what do we like about this bold blue dress?
* It's made of t-shirt-soft fabric -- You know you have that favorite shirt that you'll find any excuse to wear? Now imagine that shirt as a dress and you get the mE Moda maxi dress! Soft, with just enough stretch; I can see myself wearing this often...very often ;)

It's a maxi dress, with LONG SLEEVES -- Do I have to say much more than that? The sleeves really make this dress the easy, look-no-further, outfit of choice. Let's be real, there are lots of maxi dresses out there, especially in the summer, but almost all of them require extra layers to get the right coverage. With this dress, all else you'll want is a well-draped hijab and you're headed out the door.

* It's a versatile shade -- At first, I was reluctant about ordering a dress in what seemed like a very bright blue; so much fabric in such a bright color can be overwhelming. I was pleased to find, however, that the shade of the dress is actually a basic periwinkle (as seen in the photos in this post). Since the color isn't as bright, you can dress it up more easily to your own taste.

The mE Moda maxi dress comes in two colors, which are technically of the same style, but the material of each have different characteristics. Both dresses are a cotton-spandex blend, but the black feels softer, has a slight sheen, and has more stretch than the blue. These qualities also make the black a little less opaque than the blue, as seen in the first photo, above: the mE Moda tag from the blue dress can be seen through the black dress. I would highly suggest wearing a modest tank or slip underneath the black dress, or at least avoid wearing it over white undergarments, especially if flash photos will be taken.

Lying flat, the dresses in "TALL" measure from 58"-60" from the back of the neck to the hem. At around 5'9", I find myself occasionally tripping over the black dress, but then again I'm not the most graceful anyway :) I also wear flats more often than heels. The dresses come in TALL and SHORT for all sizes.

There is also ruched detailing across the chest, and it fits closer to the body, just under. This isn't much of a problem if you wear the dress with a well-draped hijab, and/or shawl. Below is a helpful video by the mE Moda designer herself, Marwa Eid, illustrating various practical ways to drape the hijab so it covers your chest, comfortably. She is seen wearing the same blue maxi dress reviewed in this post. Check it out:

If you've been looking for a maxi dress with sleeves,
now is the best time to get this dress because
  mE Moda is having a "CRAZY SALE" throughout their site.

Shipping is a $6 flat rate to anywhere in the US
and free if you spend $79.99+

As a label, mE Moda is still a fresh face on the market,
and their current inventory will generally appeal to mature, professional women.
If you're interested, you can read up more about Marwa Eid and mE Moda, here.
We've been told that they have some exciting new items coming out,
so if you want to keep up with them, join them on Facebook!


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