May 31, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Fashionistas!

If you liked the dress we featured in Day 4's theme, you'll definitely dig this giveaway! With their unique collection of long sleeve maxi dresses, kaftans, and scarves, it's no wonder why Abaya Addict is quickly gaining recognition as a hijab-friendly label that you'll want to get your hands on! Today, we're offering you a chance to win one of two items that you'll definitely want to take with you, on any trip:

The Red Ranger Fringe Scarf - An Abaya Addict EXCLUSIVE design, this polyester shawl features bold black and white stripes with red fringe. Measurements and more details, available here.

The Mating Call Dress - Featuring long sleeves and peacock-feather print throughout, this dress is a great alternative to solid-colored maxi dress, and just as comfortable, too! Read more about it, here.
Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of  Abaya Addict on FACEBOOK and leave a unique comment on their WALL that mentions our page ("@Love HFW")!

* if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter in the giveaway! All you have to do is visit the Abaya Addict shop and leave a link, in the comments below, to ANY single item that you like best from their collections & tell us WHY you love it!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 7th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

Update 6/7/2012

After tracking down everyone's comments and organizing them into a list, it is our pleasure to congratulate the following, randomly selected winners of the Abaya Addict giveaway:

The winner of the Red Ranger Fringe Scarf is:

Congratulations Farheen24, on winning this show-stopping fringe scarf!

Our next winner is: 

Congratulations Hakeemah of Cover Me Beautiful! You've won the Mating Call Dress!

Thank you to all those who entered in this giveaway and followed the rules, correctly!
Since most of you are now fans of Abaya Addict, make sure you keep an eye out for the sales & free shipping deals that get posted on their Facebook! :D
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies! Are you just about ready for the weekend? Can't wait to relax on your own or hang out with friends? Well, with Day 4's theme, we're giving you tickets to your ideal pre-weekend getaway! If you could spend a few days anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do? How would you keep it modest on your way to your perfect destination?

This season, our ideal getaway is a summer road trip! Our map? The beautiful coast-lines of Hawa'ii!
While packing up our car with plenty of yummy foods, and fun summer clothes, we're rocking the aptly named Getaway Dress, by Abaya Addict, and a loosely draped hijab. Casual comfort and cool breezes, what more could a girl ask for on a summer road trip?
For more ideal getaways, check out the links, below!

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May 30, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum,
We're on Day 3, going strong with giveaway #2!
In our theme photo, we featured a Modern Mary blue tunic top, and now you've got a chance to get your hands on a Modern Mary item for yourself! There are two items that you can potentially win in today's giveaway, so check them out, below:

In cotton-stretch, accented by a raw silk belt, this colorblock dress features pintuck detailing, a mandarin collar, and side-zip closure. Read more about it, here.

This cotton-stretch maxi, featuring cap-sleeves and blue and white motifs across the border, could just be your new go-to LBD (long black dress)! Check out the product page for a close-up of all the details that make this Modern Mary dress unique! Click here.

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of Modern Mary on Facebook and LIKE the item that you want to win, in the LoveHFW Album. Click here to view it: 

* if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter in the giveaway if you subscribe to their e-newsletter by leaving the following comment: "Please subscribe me to the Modern Mary e-newsletter, for info on sales and more!" Also, tell us which item you'd like to win!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 6th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).
Update - 6/6/12

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
After verifying and organizing all qualifying entrants, we are finally able to bring you the winners of the two Modern Mary Giveaways! Take a look:

Congratulations to Mya Arifin on winning the Colorblock Pintuck Dress
and to Kyla Hakim for winning the Embroidered Maxi Dress!

Thanks to all who entered in this giveaway! Stay tuned for more winners, throughout the week!

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It's Day 3 of Hijabi Fashion Week, and there are still many new participants joining in! Woohoo! Don't worry if you miss a day or can't share your looks right away, because each Hijabi Fashion Week theme is open for a week. This means you get a few more days to submit your look, before the collection closes--but, make sure you do get them in, because once each day is closed, it's closed for the season!

While that's in the future, today we're asking you to to look into the past! Today's theme of "time travel" (or "then and now") is all about taking inspiration from a past style or an older item, and bringing it up-to-date for the present! As with all our categories, you can interpret this as you wish, as long as you keep it modest! What styles from the past have made an impression on you? What antiquated or vintage-inspired accessories are freshening up your current wardrobe? YOU decide how to mix and match to suit YOUR personality!

As you can tell, we love a lady in a leading role! So, for our look, we turned to the era of power suits and power styles, for inspiration. In this ensemble we're channeling the styles of the ground-breaking professional women of the 80's, and yes, this includes Princess Diana, whose style and elegance was was both graceful and down-to-earth! In our chic white ensemble, we're featuring a button-down bow tunic from Modern Mary in a sharp cobalt blue! The nude-khaki stilletos and diagonal stripes along the cuff add just the right touches to bring this classy look, up-to-date. The Modern Mary tunic is a gorgeous color, light-weight material, and sleeveless -- the perfect basic for summer work-wear! 

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May 29, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

Today, we open the first of our giveaways to YOU!
As the perfect compliment to Day 2's theme, "Favorite Hijab", we're offering you the chance to add a new favorite to YOUR collection! The wonderful sisters at are kindly offering not one nor two, but THREE different giveaway items. This means you have THREE chances to win one of the following:

The Vasandi Mixed Wrap Hijab - a light-weight, silk chiffon, rectangular wrap that features lurex animal print--designed exclusively by the iLoveModesty team. View the complete product description, here.

The Karina Triangular Ruffle Hijab - A triangular crinkle chiffon scarf, adorned with printed chiffon ruffles. Read the complete product description, here.

The Zara Diamond - a light-weight, polyester-silk scarf of a diamond shape. Described as lightweight, and non-slippery. Read more about this scarf, here. is a Canada-based online shop that has been hard-at-work, offering fashionable options for hijabis, since 2009. Take a look around their site and you'll find unique hijabs, specially-designed abayas, handmade jewelry, and the most recent addition: a new line of maxi skirts! 

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US, only!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of on Facebook -- if you DO NOT have Facebook, join their newsletter by leaving a comment below stating the following: "Please share my email address with to subscribe to their newsletter."
3. Leave a comment below on which hijab you would like to win, but note that you MIGHT NOT get the one you want! 

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 5th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

That's all it takes!
EVERYONE who follows the above guidelines for entry has THREE chances to win one of the scarves above, from! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go! ♥

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!

We've organized the comments from oldest to newest and skipped over repeat comments, as well as comments by me, to give those who qualify, a fair chance in the giveaway! Here are the results:

Congratulations, Faddu 01, on winning the Vasandi Mixed Wrap HijabWe hope you enjoy the unique print and design!

 Our next winner is Queen Sadiyya! You've won the Karina Triangular Ruffle Hijab! Lovely!

Our final winner for the giveaway for Hijabi Fashion Week, is Melissa!
There is, in fact, only ONE Melissa registered for HFW, so we know this is the correct Melissa to have won the much-adored Zara Diamond :D

Thank you to all participants who followed the rules and entered in our first every giveaway with! Don't forget to visit their online shop, for more unique scarves!
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!
Today's theme is about one of your favorite items of clothing: your favorite hijab! We all want to know what your favorite hijab is and what made it worthy of such a title :D The outfits you share for today's theme should be inspired by this favorite hijab--whether you chose it for comfort, style, versatility, or whatsoever else! Give us a look into what kind of scarves you like best and what kind of scarves you're on the hunt for, this season!

Our favorite, this season, is a lovely Aztec-print cotton scarf. Aztec prints are known for their strong lines and bold patterns, as well as their use of repeating colors. The scarf featured for today's theme is perfect for summer because it's as light as a breeze, comfortable, and fun! The scarf's pattern inspired us to choose a bold, black hi-lo hem dress--guaranteed to leave an impression,--and the colors guided us to a fun pair of yellow wedges! We'll post the rest of the photos from this photoshoot on Facebook, so you can check it out after HFW!

To find out how others were inspired by their favorite hijabs, visit the links below:

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May 28, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
It's FINALLY here! The start of another beautiful season of Hijabi Fashion Week begins TODAY and we're here to hit the ground running, our hijabs flying in the wind! 

For those just tuning in, Hijabi Fashion Week is a 7-day share-a-thon of style and inspiration for dressing modestly and staying true to your identity as a Muslimah, no matter the situation. Each day, we feature a different situation, or theme, mostly for fun, but also because our modesty really has no limits and we can prove it! During HFW, we show you how to take on the challenge of representing your personality and identity, and how to do it in hijabi style!
Our first theme of the week is "Leaders in Hijab".
For today's theme, we're joining forces with a fabulous group of Muslimahs who've been taking the lead in combining modest style and charity into one fashionable fundraising event, Fashion Fighting Famine. This year, proceeds from the Fashion Fighting Famine event will help fund the One Laptop Per Child charity! This unique charity distributes rugged, low-power laptops to children in some of the poorest regions to equip them with up-to-date educational material as economically and conveniently as possible.

To help start off Hijabi Fashion Week, the FFF team has let us in on each of their favorite leadership looks to rock while organizing and choreographing the FFF charity fashion show! Here's YOUR behind-the-scenes pass on who's who at FFF, exclusively on

The Fashion Fighting Famine Fashion Show will be held on Sunday, June 3rd, in Irvine, California.
You can get your pre-show tickets, here, and while you're at it, you can read up on the labels that will be walking down the FFF runway. Chances are, you're already a fan ;)

For more inspiration and an idea of the many different leadership roles that muslimahs take, visit the links below:

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May 23, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Fashionistas!

We hope you all are doing well and getting revved up and ready for
Hijabi Fashion Week, starting May 28th (next Monday)!

Today's spotlight is on Modest Sea, which offers swimwear for women who prefer more coverage. You may have seen Modest Sea making a splash across the web, through your other favorite bloggers, and there're are some pretty good reasons why! 

They have a neat website that can be navigated based on the level of coverage you desire, they offer a variety of separates, complete suits, and mix-and-match options, not to mention that each of these items are made with a water-repellent "AquaZero" material that has plenty of advantages in itself. 

Just a sample of some of the Full Cover Options you can find on the Modest Sea website.
A snapshot of the Mix-and-Match feature on the Modest Sea website.  

Modest Sea Will be joining us this season to sponsor a giveaway during Hijabi Fashion Week that we're pretty sure many of you ladies will want to get in on. If modest coverage was an obstacle for you in enjoying swimming and other water-sports, than think again because this could be the investment for you :)

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May 22, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovelies!
Today's sponsor reveal belongs to Abaya Addict -- yet another fast-rising star in providing fabulous fashions and creative hijabs. Their fan-base has been spreading like wild-fire, but we'd still like to think we were one of the first to discover this hidden gem, online ;D

Abaya Addict is a modest-minded American company, based in Dubai. Their uniquely printed maxi dresses and scarves offer easy modesty for the contemporary hijabi, as well as caftans and abayas for more middle-eastern-inspired fashions. 

Although we're head-over-heels for some of  Abaya Addict's items, what really makes us love this brand is that it is the result of one hijabi following her dreams. Deanna Khalil had originally intended on a career in optometry, and even worked her way to earning a Doctorate, before finally finding that she didn't have to completely give up her professional pursuits at the cost of personal fulfillment. Thus, Abaya Addict was created as an outlet for her creativity and passion for fashion, and as a way to share her talents with everyone else.

We're honored to have Abaya Addict join us for the first time as a Hijabi Fashion Week Sponsor, this season! Take a look at the video below for a better idea of what's behind the Abaya Addict label, and what it stands for :) 

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May 21, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
You may notice that our page is getting a mini-makeover, as we update each of our banners across the front page and down the sidebar. By the time we're through with this week, you'll see a whole new set of banners revealing the designers and labels that want to show their support for timeless modesty and individual expression. And, yes, most of them will also be the same names we're hosting giveaways for, during this season's Hijabi Fashion Week (which, by the way, is NEXT WEEK!).

You can click on each of the banners as they appear, to check out what these designers and labels have to offer YOU, as a modern-day hijabi. One of the banners you'll absolutely want to visit is this one:

Like IslamicGems, Modern Mary is a returning sponsor from a previous season. As some of you, who have taken part in HFW season-after-season (♥), may recall, Modern Mary first joined us in May 2011 for our second-ever Hijabi Fashion Week. We had just started introducing giveaways as part of the fun of HFW, and we were simply ecstatic to be able to giveaway TWO items from  Modern Mary's Fall 2011 line! You can view the giveaway, here. As you can see, we go back :)

With its return to HFW, this season, we wanted to let you all in on what Virginia-based Modern Mary has been up to and what cool new things we have to look forward to, from this label. Check out the interview, below, with designer and founder of Modern Mary, Seema Sahin:

LOVEHFW: What has Modern Mary been up to, since the last time you sponsored Hijabi Fashion Week (May 2011)?

SEEMA Modern Mary has been hitting the runways! Earlier this year we were invited to join Islamic Relief’s charity fashion show “Relief on the Runway” which was held in New York. We featured a few pieces from our spring/summer collection. Modern Mary was also invited to put together a full runway show with RAW DC, an independent art organization made up of creative individuals across the nation. The show was held at CafĂ© Asia in DC and the runway show was awesome! I had a great team and worked with some amazing models, three of which were Muslim! We also had a few fashion events held at our boutique, which is located outside of DC. These events are intimate and always so much fun. And my personal favorite, the promotional events that give back to the community.  Modern Mary worked with organizations such as Islamic Relief USA and Peaceful Families Project, in which a portion of our sales were donated to these amazing and much needed organizations. We have a bigger project that we are currently working on; I can’t revel much, but let’s just say it’s for a good cause…

LOVEHFW: What about Hijabi Fashion Week attracted you to join us (and return) as a sponsor?

SEEMAHijabi Fashion Week--not only was it a unique concept when I first learned about it, but a movement that speaks to a generation of women encouraging them to feel proud of wearing the hijab. It created a global community where Muslim women can share with each other how comfortable and confident they feel wearing hijab- that is amazing! I participated in Hijabi Fashion Week last year and was excited to be invited again this year. The giveaways are perks, but there is a greater message being shared on a global level and I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

LOVEHFW: What can modest fashionistas expect from your line in coming seasons?

SEEMAAlthough our full spring/summer collection is not yet available online, you can see photos from our runway shows on our FB page. Your readers will notice that our spring/summer line is full of bright colors and patterns. The silhouettes are simple and chic and the fabrics are lightweight and flowy.  Modern Mary’s fall collection features deeper colors and more jewel tones. Many of these designs are adorned with embroidery, but continue to be modern and stylish.

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May 16, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
We had asked earlier, in preparation for Hijabi Fashion Week, what kind of giveaways you wanted to see this year. Your response was more modest clothes, followed by more hijab accessories. 
Well, guess what? When you give us your feedback, we listen!
This Hijabi Fashion Week, you will definitely see more modest clothes from designers that have been making their mark on the world-wide Muslim fashion scene! Additionally, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your accessory collection, thanks to returning giveaway sponsor,  ISLAMICGEMS!

ISLAMICGEMS is the brainchild of creative director, Nida Mirza, who founded this hand-crafted hijab accessories boutique in 2008. We first introduced ISLAMICGEMS during our last Hijabi Fashion Week, when Nida generously gave away not one, not two, but three unique pins and brooches, carefully designed with the hijabi in mind. You can read more about Nida's inspiration for ISLAMICGEMS, in last season's ISLAMICGEMS Sponsor Spotlight

To celebrate yet another season of Hijabi Fashion Week, Nida wanted to share a special Do-It-Yourself project with you all. We thought this was a great way to help jump-start your creative processes--you know, after all that studying for finals and what-not! :) Continue reading below, and let us know how YOUR version of the project turns out!


Asalaamu Alaikum hijabi fashionistas!

In honor of Hijabi Fashion Week, we, at ISLAMICGEMS, would like to show you a fun D.I.Y tutorial for showcasing/storing your favorite  ISLAMICGEMS pieces. This tutorial not only creates a piece of art, but keeps your ISLAMICGEMS hijab jewelry safe.

Shelf liner
Your favorite  ISLAMICGEMS pieces
Step 1
Take apart your frame & use the frame backing as a template.
Place the template on the shelf liner and cut around leaving a ¼” space around the edges.
Step 2
Place in the following order into the frame: shelf liner > frame glass > the paper included with the frame (plain side facing towards the glass) > frame backing.
Step 3
Attach your favorite  ISLAMICGEMS pieces on to the shelf liner.
Step 4
Display the frame on a table or hang on a wall for a great art piece. Display multiple frames together to create harmony. The project here used the fundamental supplies needed; you can make enhancements by changing the frame style/size, shelf liner color, paper color or decorating the frame itself. 

What do you think of this  ISLAMICGEMS D.I.Y project? 
We’d love for you to try it & show us what you come up with!

Nida Mirza

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May 15, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies!
Can you believe that there are less than two weeks until Hijabi Fashion Week?
That's just over 10 days, until the biggest and best share-a-thon of  hijabi inspiration and styles!

What's more, as of Today, MORE THAN HALF of you are NEW REGISTRANTS!
So, not only do we get to see the chic creations of some of our favorite participants from the past,
but we'll also get to see fresh perspectives, new styles, and more ideas on how to dress modestly
as Muslim women in a diverse and ever-changing world! Woohoo!

To all our participants, new and returning, thank YOU for joining along in this season's Hijabi Fashion Week and helping to make it beneficial and fun, for all, inshaAllah! :)

♥ Seriously, cannot wait! ♥

Until then, it'd probably be a good idea to brush up on some of the rules of Hijabi Fashion Week,
as well as on how to participate, this season, so keep reading!

If you've participated in previous HFW's, you'll know how easy it is to participate,
and this season, it's only become easier! Take a look:

Who can participate in Hijabi Fashion Week?
Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join in! You do NOT have to be Muslim or wear hijab prior to HFW, but all looks submitted during Hijabi Fashion Week MUST follow the Islamic guidelines for modesty, which includes proper hijab.

Are there any rules for the kinds of looks I can submit for HFW?
Regardless of your style outside of Hijabi Fashion Week, please make sure that the looks you submit specifically for HFW follow these minimum guidelines:
1. Cover hair, neck, and chest so that these are not visible to the public
2. Please do not submit looks that reveal the shape of any part of one's figure -- to be very clear: chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, etc. should not be visible in any HFW looks!

If you do not normally dress in such a way, you are invited to take on these guidelines as a challenge!

Okay, I'm in! What do I need to do?
Participation in Hijabi Fashion Week takes the following steps, or fewer:

1. REGISTER for HFW - All participants and giveaway entrants must register. You only need to register once! If you completed our Early Registration form, you are already registered!

2. Plan your looks for each HFW theme - Visit the registration link in Step 1, to view the themes for each day.

3. Upload your looks online and include links to - 
  • HFW accepts sketches, photos, videos, etc. 
  • Adjust your privacy settings so that the uploads for Hijabi Fashion Week are open to public viewing. All your uploads do NOT need to be public, only your Hijabi Fashion Week uploads. There is usually a way to keep all other photos private and only the HFW album public, so please check both your album and global privacy settings and customize them to your preference. Or, create a new account for uploads like these.
  • If you are uploading to Facebook, Flickr, or Youtube, you must include our complete address ( in each photo/video's caption/description. Our HFW collections widget will not allow you to submit your looks without this link and it may not work if you only add the address to your photo album or video channel, and not the individual uploads. We have a video walk-through of this upload option, here.
  • If you are uploading to your own blog or Tumblr, a link to is also necessary, but you can add it in the form of a linked button.  Choose from our We Love HFW page, or create your own (and share it with us!). You can also simply include a text link back to in your blog posts, if you don't want to add a button :) For a video walk-through of this option, click here
4. Submit a link to your look in each of the Hijabi Fashion Week theme posts, throughout the week -
  • Within each HFW post, there will be an "Add Your Link" button. Click it, and a form will pop up for you to enter your link, Name, and Email Address. When complete, click "Next Step", where you will be able to select or upload the thumbnail of your look that others will see on our page. 
  • You have 7 days to submit your looks for each theme. For example, if a theme is open on Monday, you have until Sunday to submit your look.

5. You're done! Visit the other looks and share your comments on which looks you like or what you might change!

Giveaway Rules vary per sponsor, and they will be available the day of the giveaway! To be qualified to win ANY Hijabi Fashion Week giveaway, make sure that you register with a working email address!

Visit LoveHFW on Youtube for walk-through videos on uploading and sharing your looks,
and feel free to test out your links in the HFW Test Collection, below:

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May 8, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Everyone!
We have one last interview to lead us into Hijabi Fashion Week, and we couldn't have chosen a better personality to add to this season's collection of Participant Spotlights! But first, a little note: has been interviewing HFW participants for a few seasons, now, and each interview has had been such a positive experience! We wouldn't change anything about these opportunities to meet other bloggers, except, of course, for the technical issues that seem to creep up every now and then!

Last season we had countless sporadic malfunctions, but alhamdulillah we got through them thanks to the patience of sisters like Fatima, Kelly, and Stephanie! This season, we managed to grab some chat-time with Hareem and Khadija, but the "technical difficulties" bug finally caught up with us when we interviewed Putri in Indonesia! Although, we can no longer publish our interview with Putri, we wanted to give a shout out to her and the other lovely ladies who made an effort to coordinate interviews with us:
"Thanks for everything, and keep in touch!" ♥

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program:

Today's spotlight is on first-time participant, Aliya. Aliya is a talented sister from London who's got a knack for awkward situations and ambiguous identities. Watch this video to find out what kind of style she'll be bringing to Hijabi Fashion Week, and more!

To learn more about Aliya, her rants and ramblings, visit her blog!
Do leave a comment to welcome her to HFW! ♥
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May 5, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
This is the moment many of you have been waiting for--the final REVEAL & official Registration for Hijabi Fashion Week May 2012!

We've been enticing you, these past few weeks, with early registration opportunities, fun participant interviews, and more, but now--now--it's time to finally get to the main course!
Without further ado, here are the themes for this season's Hijabi Fashion Week:

Hijabi Fashion Week will be held from May 28, 2012 through June 03, 2012.

Day 1 - May 28 - Leaders in Hijab: What leadership roles do you have & how do you dress for them as a hijabi?
Day 2 - May 29 - Favorite Hijab: Create an outfit inspired by your favorite Hijab!
Day 3 - May 30 - Time Travel: Bring something back from the past and combine it with a recent item or trend!
Day 4 - May 31 - Destinations: If you could go anywhere for fun, where would you go & what would you wear?
Day 5 - June 01 - Special Occasions: Eid, formal, etc. -- how do you stay modest when you need to get decked out?
Day 6 - June 02 - Date Night: What would be the perfect date with the (future) hubby?
Day 7 - June 03 - Style Crush: Choose an HFW participant's style to try out with your own clothes! Show us which participants inspired you, or mirror a style that you might never have tried before! 

We also have exciting giveaways from some of the hottest labels, worldwide!
We'll reveal the giveaway sponsors, one-by-one, throughout the next few weeks,
but you'll have to wait untill HFW to find out which items are up for grabs!
Winners are announced during our Week of Winners, June 04 - June 10.

Participation simply requires you to paste an HFW badge on your website 
(new ones will be available, soon) and then visit during HFW to submit links to your outfit posts through our easy-to-use widget. We'll have more on this, later :)

If you're ready for this season, make sure you register by filling out the form, below!
ALL participants and/or giveaway entrants MUST register through this form.

Don't forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook
and keep an eye on your inbox for news and updates!

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