May 31, 2012

HFW Day 4 Giveaway - Abaya Addict [closed]

Asalaamu Alaykum, Fashionistas!

If you liked the dress we featured in Day 4's theme, you'll definitely dig this giveaway! With their unique collection of long sleeve maxi dresses, kaftans, and scarves, it's no wonder why Abaya Addict is quickly gaining recognition as a hijab-friendly label that you'll want to get your hands on! Today, we're offering you a chance to win one of two items that you'll definitely want to take with you, on any trip:

The Red Ranger Fringe Scarf - An Abaya Addict EXCLUSIVE design, this polyester shawl features bold black and white stripes with red fringe. Measurements and more details, available here.

The Mating Call Dress - Featuring long sleeves and peacock-feather print throughout, this dress is a great alternative to solid-colored maxi dress, and just as comfortable, too! Read more about it, here.
Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of  Abaya Addict on FACEBOOK and leave a unique comment on their WALL that mentions our page ("@Love HFW")!

* if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter in the giveaway! All you have to do is visit the Abaya Addict shop and leave a link, in the comments below, to ANY single item that you like best from their collections & tell us WHY you love it!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 7th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

Update 6/7/2012

After tracking down everyone's comments and organizing them into a list, it is our pleasure to congratulate the following, randomly selected winners of the Abaya Addict giveaway:

The winner of the Red Ranger Fringe Scarf is:

Congratulations Farheen24, on winning this show-stopping fringe scarf!

Our next winner is: 

Congratulations Hakeemah of Cover Me Beautiful! You've won the Mating Call Dress!

Thank you to all those who entered in this giveaway and followed the rules, correctly!
Since most of you are now fans of Abaya Addict, make sure you keep an eye out for the sales & free shipping deals that get posted on their Facebook! :D


Mia Collins said...

As Salaamu Alaikum I Love the Mating Call Jersey Maxi, partly because I love feathers and lets just be honest the dress is fierce!

maya_haizad said...

done.. =)

Nina Zee said...

♥ love the Pink & Orange Hi-Low Petal Dress ♥

Laila said...


WildRoseBud said...

What an awesome dress.... the Mating Call Dress is IM TOTALLY digging the peacock-feather print with the yellow.

Maryam-iqbal said...

ASA, posted on their wall :) Would love to win the Mating call dress and rock it in toronto :)

Yesseniafa said...

I ADORE their clothes and scarves! DAMN I wish I knew about them when I was in Dubai last month ;___; 

fashionable muslimah ... Imani said...

WOW they have some a amazing piece .. My faves are Rose Garden, Boxed up and I actually like the peacock one they have on here.... they doing there thing

Huda5201 said...!online-shop/vstc1=scarves/productsstackergalleryv25=1 
IM in love with this hijab becasue of the colors whihc remind me of sailor stripes, perfect for the summer... as a Muslimah who works and goes to college in America I always try to wear really nice colors/patterns for hijab and I always have non-Muslims commenting onn  how they love my hijab, i have no doubt this scarf would attract thier eyes!

Heba said...!online-shop/productsstackergalleryv28=9
I love this top (Pink and Orange HiLow Petal Dress)! It is such a unique item, very trendy, yet still modest!!

Ayshamr said...

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
I am 'Black,White and Re(a)d All Over'.
A newspaper??
No, I am 'The Red Ranger Fringe Scarf' from Abaya Addict.


I love the colors and the tassle fringework on the scarf.

DayaVera said...

That dress is FIERCE!

romaseba said...

OMG I love this:!online-shop/productsstackergalleryv28=0 dress because of the pattern on it and the nautical, summery look :D x

vezovaio2002 said...

Love all of their dresses!! The mating call is def one of my favorites! 

Sumaiya Patel said...

liked and left comment ...hope ive done it right as i love this dress...

ssoof said...

Don't have a facebook so I'm entering here!
My favorite is definitely the Mating Call dress!online-shop/productsstackergalleryv28=31
because it's so unique and perfect for summer! 

Sama said...

I ♥!online-shop/productsstackergalleryv28=26 (cream solidify). It is a classy color, and looks like such a versatile design, perfect to dress up any day.  

mms said...

love the mating call dress
also, from their website i love the monaco dress!! it's so chic and classy.

Rinei said...

registered under name rinei martianimy favourite is:!online-shop/vstc1=scarves/productsstackergalleryv25=3and i love that mating call dress :)rinei.martiani at gmail dot com


done ,)

Kifah1983 said...


Kifah huweih

Sarah Azhezha said...

i love this The Ice Queen Abaya
simple yet elegant and rocking! ;D!online-shop/vstc1=abayas/productsstackergalleryv27=3 

Samaaskysky said...

What a lovely the color combination

Samaaskysky said...

what a lovely combination of color!

Princess G. Stylishhijab Blog said...


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