May 16, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight - IslamicGems

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
We had asked earlier, in preparation for Hijabi Fashion Week, what kind of giveaways you wanted to see this year. Your response was more modest clothes, followed by more hijab accessories. 
Well, guess what? When you give us your feedback, we listen!
This Hijabi Fashion Week, you will definitely see more modest clothes from designers that have been making their mark on the world-wide Muslim fashion scene! Additionally, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your accessory collection, thanks to returning giveaway sponsor,  ISLAMICGEMS!

ISLAMICGEMS is the brainchild of creative director, Nida Mirza, who founded this hand-crafted hijab accessories boutique in 2008. We first introduced ISLAMICGEMS during our last Hijabi Fashion Week, when Nida generously gave away not one, not two, but three unique pins and brooches, carefully designed with the hijabi in mind. You can read more about Nida's inspiration for ISLAMICGEMS, in last season's ISLAMICGEMS Sponsor Spotlight

To celebrate yet another season of Hijabi Fashion Week, Nida wanted to share a special Do-It-Yourself project with you all. We thought this was a great way to help jump-start your creative processes--you know, after all that studying for finals and what-not! :) Continue reading below, and let us know how YOUR version of the project turns out!


Asalaamu Alaikum hijabi fashionistas!

In honor of Hijabi Fashion Week, we, at ISLAMICGEMS, would like to show you a fun D.I.Y tutorial for showcasing/storing your favorite  ISLAMICGEMS pieces. This tutorial not only creates a piece of art, but keeps your ISLAMICGEMS hijab jewelry safe.

Shelf liner
Your favorite  ISLAMICGEMS pieces
Step 1
Take apart your frame & use the frame backing as a template.
Place the template on the shelf liner and cut around leaving a ¼” space around the edges.
Step 2
Place in the following order into the frame: shelf liner > frame glass > the paper included with the frame (plain side facing towards the glass) > frame backing.
Step 3
Attach your favorite  ISLAMICGEMS pieces on to the shelf liner.
Step 4
Display the frame on a table or hang on a wall for a great art piece. Display multiple frames together to create harmony. The project here used the fundamental supplies needed; you can make enhancements by changing the frame style/size, shelf liner color, paper color or decorating the frame itself. 

What do you think of this  ISLAMICGEMS D.I.Y project? 
We’d love for you to try it & show us what you come up with!

Nida Mirza


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