June 3, 2012

HFW Day 7 Giveaway - Modest Sea [closed]

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

The final giveaway we riled up for you ladies, this season, is courtesy of Modest Sea!
If you've been following LoveHFW.com, you'll know a little about Modest Sea already, but if you're just joining in, check out our Sponsor Spotlight on this clever swimwear company!

Here's a snapshot of the website (click to visit):

Can you guess what today's giveaway might be?
If you guessed a chance to win YOUR OWN Modest Sea Swimsuit, well, you would be RIGHT!
Since there is only ONE winner for this giveaway, please make sure you follow the rules correctly for the best chance!

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
ALL entrants must FIRST REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!

Each of the following that you choose to do, will get you closer to winning the giveaway:

1. Write a FACEBOOK Status about which swimsuit you like best, and WHY.
You MUST include a link to http://www.modestsea.com and tag @LoveHFW in YOUR STATUS!

2. Re-Tweet, THIS TWEET: https://twitter.com/LoveHFW/status/209265916763058176

3. Add a link to the Modest Sea website, in your Day 7 post!

4. Show us which of the above you completed by leaving a link to each completed step, in a comment below!

These are the only ways to enter the Modest Sea giveaway!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 10th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

Update 6/10/12

We are now at our final Hijabi Fashion Week giveaway, brought to you by Modest Sea. Up for grabs is any modest swimsuit of the WINNER'S CHOICE, from the Modest Sea website. To calculate our winner, we organized qualifying entrants by alphabetical order and used a random number generator to select a number. You'll notice, below, that a few entrants had multiple entries, since each step they took to enter counted as a single entry. The more steps you take (as listed above), the more chances you have!

So, without further ado, it may not be a surprise that our winner is:
(block 1 goes to Modest Sea, so each entry is back one number)

Congratulations, Khadija of Taking Muslim Initiative! We're sure you'll enjoy the coverage, modesty, and sun protection you'll be getting from YOUR NEW SWIMSUIT! Wooohoo!

Thanks to all who entered and followed the rules to qualify!


Khadija said...


1. Facebook status: https://www.facebook.com/khadija.marium/posts/340806885993296

2. Retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/DijaaVu

3. ModestSea linked in Day 7 post: https://www.facebook.com/TakingMuslimInitiative/posts/428881543813467

Khadija :)

Aleisha_forbes said...


I completed 2 of the 3 entries. 

1) Facebook status: https://www.facebook.com/aforbes7
Aleisha ForbesI really like the Brooke swimsuit! It seems like it would be extremely functional (gets the job done lol) and is fashionable at the same time.http://www.modestsea.com/ I also like the color. Black is very versatile. And the swimsuit doesn't seem to be constricting like other full body swimsuits are Love HFWModest Swimwear | Modest Seamodestsea.comModest Sea created a superb range of alternative swimwear for the modest woman, a collection designed to conceal and reveal according to your desireLike ·  · Share · 19 minutes ago · PublicFriendsOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists...BingHigh SchoolBEP 09JamaicaChurch192RandomFamilyPADBenjamin N. Cardozo High SchoolBinghamton UniversityHampton High SchoolAcquaintancesGo BackKyra Narain likes this.

2)Retweet: https://twitter.com/#!/

aleisha ‏@aleisha76RT: Modest Sea http://www.modestsea.com and Hijabi Fashion Week have a modest swimwear giveaway, going on NOW!Expand Reply 
 FavoriteShukran! Aleisha :)

Huda Ayyad said...

Salaaammm I am interested in winning a outfit as im always swimming in the American beaches WITH full hijab humdallah...i cant do the 3 things since 1.Dont Have F/B 2. Dont  Have Twitter 3. Did not particpate in the postings

Laila - Flieder said...

I made all excep the one of linkin modestsea on my post of Hijabi Fashion Week Day 7 as I dind't post it jet :) will do tomorrow :)

Mimihalal said...

Facebook status http://www.facebook.com/mimi.halal

Maryam-iqbal said...

Wrote the status on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/meemiqbal
retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/MaryamIqbal3
Just did these steps as i have no entry for day 7.
Jazakallah Khair!

Sundus said...

Asalamualaykum! Retweeted here: https://twitter.com/#!/agreatfulmuslim

Nehan Saud said...

FB status : 
Twitter RT : https://twitter.com/#!/Panache03
No entry for Day 7

vvafa said...

Salaam sis! If you can write up a post that links back to lovehfw.com and modestsea.com, you can enter with #3! 

vvafa said...

don't forget to add your link to each!

Melissa said...

I completed #2:  

fabfar_11 said...

Entered Via Twitter - 

mms said...


vvafa said...

please leave a link to your retweet, thanks!

Sarah Azhezha said...

1. fb status: 
2. retweet with username: azhezha

faheemah26 said...

Twitter: @faheemah26   https://twitter.com/LoveHFW/status/209265916763058176

Ksia993 said...

 Fb status:

Bouchra Bee said...


Amalhijabs said...


Samasky sky said...

Facebook status. Hope insha Allah to win this time. 
Thanks http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002234947862

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