June 16, 2012

HFW May 2012 Feedback Form

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!
We've finally completed another great season of Hijabi Fashion Week, which means it's time for YOU to tell us what you thought about this past Hijabi Fashion Week! We've asked for your feedback after each of our last few seasons, and each time we've learned something new about what you want us to include, or take out, in following seasons! 
We're hoping to learn just as much, if not more, when you fill out this season's super-quick feedback form!

So... what, now?
Have you ever wondered what happens when HFW is all over?
Does it just come and go, and that's that?
No, not really...there's more to HFW than the event itself--
What we do after HFW, is organize everything and add it to "The Vault", where ANYONE can visit the looks from past season, at ANYTIME. You see, whenever we host a Hijabi Fashion Week, sisters like you join together, not only to inspire each other throughout the week itself, but also to inspire anyone over the years that this site is up! If you visit The VAULT now, you'll see outfit ideas and unique ways to stay modest from sisters who've participated in our last few HFW's,--and, guess what? Soon, you'll be part of our global hijabi lookbook, too!

If you're ever unsure of what to wear/buy for any situation--a party, a new job, going on vacation,--you now know of a single place where you can get countless hijab-friendly ideas, specifically organized by these categories: LoveHFW.com and the Hijabi Fashion Week community :)

Thanks again to all who join us each year and allow HFW to grow in sisterhood, diversity, and modest-inspiration! 


i reminisce said...

 'Fasts & Suhur'

Sandra said...

Hi.. join the Hijab Hunt 2012 contest and see my blog for more info http://sandrabuanasari.blogspot.com/
Thanks  :)

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