June 1, 2012

Hijabi Fashion Week May 2012 - Day 5

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies! We're heading into Day 5, which also happens to be a Friday! What better way to celebrate the spirit of Friday, than to dedicate our Special Occasions theme to it! For this theme, we're asking you to go all out, modest hijabi-style! What's your favorite special occasion, or what special occasion have you recently enjoyed? What did you, or would you, to such an occasion? Your choice of special occasion can be anything at all,--from cultural to Islamic, to your very own personal tradition (hey, if it's special to you, we can dig it!). 

Talk about special occasions! Here's a lovely, yet understated cream-white abaya that's perfect for a low-key wedding ceremony, Eid, or a summer picnic. You can't go wrong with crinkle organza over buttersilk. Elegant, sophisticated, and versatile! Features pink and white floral designs over tastefully-placed tiny mirrors and a matching organza hijab.

Check out more lovely ways to stay modest while celebrating--visit the lovely links, below:


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