June 3, 2012

Hijabi Fashion Week May 2012 - Day 7

As Hijabi Fashion Week reaches a close, we ask you to go back over the past few days and identify the looks that you found most inspiring, challenging to pull off, or just plain interesting. Style Crush is about letting yourself approach your wardrobe with new eyes, about taking on a different perspective of style, about pushing yourself to try something you may not have thought of before! 

For this category, rather than post our own feature photo, we're going to add our look to the collection below! Why? Because, more than ever, this category is about the community YOU ALL have built this season, the bond you may have felt in visiting the submissions from women around the world, and the greatest inspiration of all: Muslim Sisterhood! 

To find out which sisters found a connection, a challenge, or an idea, through Hijabi Fashion Week, visit the submissions, below!


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