Hijabi Fashion Week
Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) is an unique online event celebrating modesty, diversity, and most importantly: sisterhood. Twice a year, for one week each, women of all ages and nationalities come together to share inspiration and support in expressing modesty and individuality through their fashion choices.

Hijab style is special because it requires that women cover their hair, neck, and body when among non-family -- out of respect for themselves and as an act of obedience to God. These standards of modesty offer a unique platform of expression for women from all over the world.

How It Started
The very first HFW was held in November of 2010 on Em's personal blog, Modesty Theory. Em founded HFW because she noticed that of all the blog-based fashion weeks she came across, none specifically brought together the online hijabi community, nor did any address the unique characteristics of hijabi fashion. Em saw "fashion week" as a great medium to illustrate how women can successfully implement modesty in fashion, and thus HFW was started. HFW was an instant hit and grew to become LoveHFW.com.

LoveHFW.com draws on the principles of modesty, diversity, and sisterhood to offer our audience a year-round, interactive community with giveaways, special features, "celebrity" guests, and more. All praise belongs to God -- we are still rapidly growing thanks to our participants and sponsors, so add us to your RSS feed and visit often to see where this goes!

Have any questions, concerns, or feedback? Chat with us on Twitter, find us on Facebook, or send us a message via email.

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