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We are honored to be featured in the following publications:

HFW on World News Australia - December 29, 2011

Click here to read this article on the WNA website
Click here to watch the video
on L'Express Styles - June 5, 2011
Read in full, HERE
HFW on IFBs Links a la Mode - November 19, 2010

Check it out, HFW is in IFB's Links a la Mode :] oh and that's the lovely Zinah you see below! 
HFW in Candor - November, 2010

Visit Urooba Jamal's articles on Candor, Click HERE!
HFW in Aquila Asia - November 16, 2010

Check out the article here.
Thank you Aquila Asia for writing about HFW :D

A few notes:
  1. Hijabulous wasn't able to participate this round even though it would have been awesome to have her. 
  2. Day 5 & Day 6 should be switched, but that's a mistake on my part because I sent it in the email like that....
And I'd like to add that even though I initiated HFW, this event would not have been as huge and successful as it was without the encouragement, suggestions, and constructive criticism of the HFW participants! They've all been with me since the start-up when it was just a tiny idea, and have really helped to make it grow, and run smoothly.  They are amazing women and are much appreciated :]