Participate in HFW

If you've participated in previous HFW's, you'll know how easy it is to participate,
and this season, it's only become easier! Take a look:

Who can participate in Hijabi Fashion Week?
Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join in! You do NOT have to be Muslim or wear hijab prior to HFW, but all looks submitted during Hijabi Fashion Week MUST follow the Islamic guidelines for modesty, which includes proper hijab.

Are there any rules for the kinds of looks I can submit for HFW?
Regardless of your style outside of Hijabi Fashion Week, please make sure that the looks you submit specifically for HFW follow these minimum guidelines:
1. Cover hair, neck, and chest so that these are not visible to the public
2. Please do not submit looks that reveal the shape of any part of one's figure -- to be clear: the chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, etc. should not be visible in any HFW looks!

If you do not normally dress in such a way, you are invited to take on these guidelines as a challenge!

Okay, I'm in! What do I need to do?
Participation in Hijabi Fashion Week takes the following steps, or fewer:

1. REGISTER for HFW - All participants and giveaway entrants must register. You only need to register once! If you completed our Early Registration form, you are already registered!

2. Plan your looks for each HFW theme - Visit the registration link in Step 1, to view the themes for each day.

3. Upload your looks online and include links to - 
  • HFW accepts sketches, photos, videos, etc. 
  • Adjust your privacy settings so that the uploads for Hijabi Fashion Week are open to public viewing. All your uploads do NOT need to be public, only your Hijabi Fashion Week uploads. There is usually a way to keep all other photos private and only the HFW album public, so please check both your album and global privacy settings and customize them to your preference. Or, create a new account for uploads like these.
  • If you are uploading to Facebook, Flickr, or Youtube, you must include our complete address ( in each photo/video's caption/description. Our HFW collections widget will not allow you to submit your looks without this link and it may not work if you only add the address to your photo album or video channel, and not the individual uploads. We have a video walk-through of this upload option, here.
  • If you are uploading to your own blog or Tumblr, a link to is also necessary, but you can add it in the form of a linked button.  Choose from our We Love HFW page, or create your own (and share it with us!). You can also simply include a text link back to in your blog posts, if you don't want to add a button :) For a video walk-through of this option, click here
4. Submit a link to your look in each of the Hijabi Fashion Week theme posts, throughout the week -
  • Within each HFW post, there will be an "Add Your Link" button. Click it, and a form will pop up for you to enter your link, Name, and Email Address. When complete, click "Next Step", where you will be able to select or upload the thumbnail of your look that others will see on our page. 
  • You have 7 days to submit your looks for each theme. For example, if a theme is open on Monday, you have until Sunday to submit your look.

5. You're done! Visit the other looks and share your comments on which looks you like or what you might change!

Giveaway Rules vary per sponsor, and they will be available the day of the giveaway! To be qualified to win ANY Hijabi Fashion Week giveaway, make sure that you register with a working email address!

Visit LoveHFW on Youtube for walk-through videos on uploading and sharing your looks.


romaseba said...

I'll set one of these badges as my profile pic on Polyvore :)

romaseba said...

Oh btw the link to your 'themes' page is from the May 2011 competition

Anonymous said...

I want to participate plz

Roshni said...

count me in, por favor:

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how do you upload a badge to your page, and where are the badges that we upload? My blog is

Kai Darul said...

i really want to participate in HFW but I'm always late. :( I hope I would be able to join next time.

Kawthar said...

salam alaikum

i'm running a hijabi inspirational site called


would love it if you took a look and shared with others. its my baby =)

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